NEW Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport! Test Drive in Miami

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I'm behind the wheel for a test drive in a very special Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport! It's actually being reunited with the same car I first experienced on track in Germany, but this time for a cruise amongst the palm trees in sunny Miami, Florida.

The Chiron Pur Sport is Bugatti's most agile car to date, with numerous changes from the Chiron and Chiron Sport, while being a limited run model of just 60 units. From a dramatically different visual appearance, the Pur Sport wears a more purposeful fascia with additional openings for cooling, through to a fixed wing found at the rear in place of the typical hydraulic air brake found on the Chiron.

The 8 litre quad turbo W16 continues to output 1,500hp and 1,600Nm but thanks to significantly shorter rations on the dual clutch gearbox, the in gear acceleration is hugely increased, although the top speed lowers to 'just' 217mph (350km/h). The dynamics are also changed with a much stiffer set up of 65% at the front and 33% at the rear, with the introduction also of the Sport+ ESC mode for additional opportunities to drive it hard on the track.

With only 60 ever to be built, the Chiron Pur Sport will always be a very rare car but what an incredible opportunity to get behind the wheel of this particularly car... again! My first outing was at Bilster Berg in Germany, a tight, twisty and technical private track, but now a completely different and more daily driving type experience on the roads of Miami, Florida.

In fact, it is only the second car that I have ever driven myself on two different continents, after my own Ford GT; both of which I have driven in each of Germany and Florida too as it happens.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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